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Back for more! Curb and Canyon returns! Car culture, driving and two knuckleheads talking about Porsches.

Andy and James are back! We've missed you, but after some hilariously over-the-top scheduling snafus, we're back and broadcasting from Minnesota to Melbourne for the start of our FOURTH season of this podcast for Porsche enthusiasts by Porsche enthusiasts. Buckle up as we share our Porsche escapades from over the last few months, from the laughable to the downright heart-pounding. 

Revel in our tales of the high seas and high stakes with the Felicity Ace saga, where luxury cars met a watery grave and sparked conversations about the future of electric vehicle fires. Feel the pride as we showcase our latest projects, including those slick custom automotive tach faces that are sure to add a personal stamp to any Porsche interior. But it's not all smooth sailing—there's the tale of Andy's missed rally due to a surprise injury, a testament to life's unexpected twists, and the unyielding spirit of the rally community.

Lastly, we get real about our undying love for the 964 models, painting vivid pictures of Tasmanian drives and the pulse-quickening excitement of dodging disaster at car events. We swap stories with fellow Porsche fanatics and look ahead to the legendary Tail of the Dragon. So, start your engines and join us for stories that fuel our shared passion of Porsche. Listen now!

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