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The Porsche Connection: Emblem Makeover, Reunited with Past Loves, Porsche Super-Villains and a Hear

James and Andy are back again for more Porsche banter! Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about the cars you used to own and wondering if you should buy them back? This week, our Porsche passion is reignited as we discuss the new Porsche Crest design, share stories about our favorite past cars, and even touch on the tale of a kangaroo colliding with a Porsche. We also congratulate a few friends on their new cars and explore the possibility of a carbon fiber hood for 'Bluey.'

Join us in our lively conversation about the design details of the new Porsche crest, including the differences between the black and white and color versions, as well as the texture of the antlers and Porsche text. We then dive into our relationships with former cars, the idea of taking them back, and how our lives and circumstances change over time. Don't miss our personal encounters with the Porsche 996 C4S and the iconic first-generation 991 GT3.

Lastly, we discuss the challenges of making tough decisions like selling a beloved car and weigh the cost of starting the process all over again against the appeal of air-cooled cars. We also share the heartwarming story of a Porsche enthusiast living in Ukraine, and how James' family is sponsoring him and his family to come to the US to escape the war zone. Tune in for an exciting episode filled with Porsche passion, heartfelt stories, and a surprising superhero connection with Condor Man.

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