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Revving Up with Porsche: Celebrating Innovations, Anniversaries, and Road Trips

Hold onto your steering wheels as we're diving into the captivating world of Porsche's Mission X concept car. Will it live up to the brand's hypercar legacy? As we celebrate Porsche's 75th anniversary, we also take a closer look at their latest models and ponder whether we're experiencing the golden years of the brand. Plus, find out how the Porsche Center Melbourne marked the milestone anniversary in style.

Finally, buckle up as we share our own Porsche road trip adventure and discuss the recent Le Mans race. We also touch on the jaw-dropping $1.2 million sale of a 996 Club Sport Classic at auction and of course the Video of the Week: "Headlights North," which chronicles a road trip from Helsinki to Nord Cap in a classic Porsche. It's time to rev up your engines for this latest episode of Curb and Canyon!

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